If it hadn’t been for Rebeca Four’s wealth of knowledge, I would not still be breastfeeding my baby today. She helped me through some very tricky initial obstacles (including my son’s tongue and lip ties) and provided copious follow-up support. Her in-depth understanding of breastfeeding is beyond compare. And there’s almost no other aspect of parenting that Rebeca hasn’t educated herself on. She is passionate about sharing this information and providing a safe space for moms to ask questions and share their experiences. Rebeca is an oasis for new moms and moms who are trying to educate themselves be it through education on infant nutrition or pumping at work, or other aspects of parenting.
— Heather W., Jersey City
While breastfeeding is natural, it is not easy!  Rebeca Four offers incredible support for moms through her variety of breastfeeding groups and her individual counseling.  She holds the space for moms to share our successes and challenges with nursing, and offers troubleshooting and advice from an experienced both a certified lactation consultant’s background and as a mom.  Not only do you leave feeling empowered in your choices, you also leave with a network of moms who support you. Her loving manner immediately puts a brand new mom at ease and she has so much knowledge, and help to give.  I feel so blessed to have Rebeca! 
— Logan K., Hoboken
“If you are expecting a baby or already have one, please do yourself a favor and work with Rebeca Four!!!!! You get the gift of Rebeca’s knowledge, kindness and care. Rebeca is a special person and you will realize this as soon as you talk to her. She listens, understands, and knows how to help or find someone who can help. I will forever be thankful to Rebeca for lactation support and guidance as I struggled with breastfeeding. Moms-to-be, new moms, exiting moms: please work with Rebeca. You’ll LOVE the support and experience! ”
— Mary S., Hoboken
Rebeca Four has been a critical resource and source of support throughout my journey with breastfeeding. We started working together when my son was 6-weeks old. She uncovered that my son was not gaining the weight that he should be and came up with an intense plan to increase my milk supply and get him back on track with his weight gain. Within a few days, my milk supply increased and my baby gained a good amount of weight. She also supported me through two bouts of mastitis, and eventually supported me through my decision to wean, showing me how to do it in a way that was safe (mastitis free). As a new mom, I often felt that I feeling my way through the dark, especially when it came to breastfeeding. Rebeca made me feel confident and supported throughout the process. She was ALWAYS accessible and replied to my endless stream of questions and concerns in record speed! I often felt that she was my lifeline and I don’t think I would have breastfed for as long as I did had I not had her support and guidance. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!
— Jessie A., Hoboken
Rebeca Four was incredibly supportive and encouraging in our breastfeeding journey. I attribute much of our success to her. Rebeca’s help and guidance throughout our first days, weeks and months were crucial. Rebeca was there from the very beginning, day 4 she came into our lives and observed our feedings, corrected my daughter’s latch, taught me the difference between a proper and poor latch and performed weighted feeds. She assessed my daughter’s mouth and spoke to me about her ties. She provided recommendations on stretches and Doctors we could see to have her tongue, lip and buccal ties revised (if we chose to do so). My daughter was slightly jaundice and lost weight by the time we were released from the hospital. Rebeca gave me a list of things I could do to up her weight; within the next 24 hours the baby was back to her birth weight before our first pediatrician visit and the jaundice was eliminated. Our follow up visits continued with weighted feeds, discussing pumping, engorgement, vitamins, probiotics, etc. Rebeca is passionate about educating her clients and helping babies. Thanks to her passion and support I was able to exclusively breastfeed my daughter for 14 months (still going) while returning to work fulltime. It is because of her support and guidance we became part of the 17% full time working moms who manage to feed their babies breastmilk for their first year. I highly recommend Rebeca as a lactation consultant and will continue to use her for my future babies.
— Love, Jessica, Dan, Vienna & Ruby, Mahwah
I loved working with Rebeca Four as my lactation consultant and back-up doula.  I had my daughter Leela in November 2011 and we had some challenges with breastfeeding, as L was admitted to the hospital for jaundice.  Rebeca was an amazing resource - she had met me before the birth and given me a coaching session on breastfeeding (which I highly recommend) and once we had give birth, she was constantly accessible for questions and helped L and me establish our breastfeeding relationship, which is still going strong to this day.

Rebeca is one of those wonderful, warm people who is so passionate about what she does that she either has the answers to any question you may ask or will find the answers for you in no time.  She is also amazing at making you feel cared for and nurtured, so she gets back to you quickly - she knows that as a new mother, every minute that you are struggling can feel like an hour.  The other thing that I love about Rebeca is that she is an inspiring mother - her daughter Madi is a wonderful child and you see the love and bond that radiates between them.  When you’re just starting out on your journey as a mother, it is amazing to see what that bond can look like when you nurture it.

I cannot say enough good things about Rebeca - she is caring, professional, passionate, and above all else, kind.   I recommend her to everyone, because in those crucial first days, in that crucial first relationship that your baby will form with you, you want to be in the very best of hands, and that would be Rebeca.  Much love to you Rebeca!
— Rachel C., Clifton
Rebeca Four is absolutely amazing! Her knowledge, advice, compassion, and gentle manner are exactly what every new (or repeat) Mom needs when it comes to all things breastfeeding. I was about 6 weeks weeks postpartum and a complete mess when I met Rebeca. She listened, acknowledged, and never once made me feel as though I was doing anything other than being the best mom I could be! She offered advice and outlined things I could do to get the optimal results and has been my rock ever since!
— Jennifer D., Jersey City
My husband and I had the pleasure of working with Rebeca Four for childbirth education, lactation, and post partum services. I met Rebeca after experiencing repeated complications during my third trimester. After being hospitalized on several occasions, I was back home on bed rest feeling less than confident about what was yet to come. Rebeca was instrumental in helping shift my perspective away from uncertainty and fear. Her knowledge regarding natural birth and breastfeeding, and philosophy of gentle parenting empowered me to have the self-assurance to embrace the joyous experience and celebration of life ahead of me. 

She teaches from a place of love, sharing personal experiences to help expecting parents better comprehend and prepare for the extraordinary journey ahead of them. Her passion for life is inspiring, her knowledge and ability to educate is endless, and her compassion is immeasurable.  Proud and eternally grateful Mama!
— Rachel E., East Rutherford

Rebeca Four made my new life as a mother seem more manageable - breast feeding possible! Thank you so much for all the support and the laughs!
— Jennifer J., Hoboken
One year, and we’re still going strong today breastfeeding with an abundant supply in the deep freezer! Thank you, Rebeca Four, for all your support! You rock!
— Lisa V., Jersey City
Rebeca Four is such a wealth of great information and support for expecting and new moms. I reccomend all my pregnant patients and mommie friends to work with her for breastfeeding and parenting support. She has been a great support for me too as a new mom.
— Dr. Kathia R., Hoboken
Rebeca Four is a remarkable woman. I am truly thankful that she’s in Hoboken. The support she has around mother/baby is tremendous. She has helped me & my baby girl in so many ways. I feel safe & not alone because her advice & how she welcomes you in is awesome. Thank you!!
— Amy B. P., Hoboken
There is no one quite like Rebeca Four—she is kind, compassionate, knowledgeable, and fun. She is such a blessing to the women, babies, and families of Hudson County. I feel so grateful for having met her during my first few postpartum weeks as she helped me through some of the toughest times. I strongly recommend Rebeca’s services.
— Alison D., Jersey City

Rebeca Four was incredibly supportive and encouraging in our breastfeeding journey. She creates an open and positive atmosphere in which you can discuss any concerns you may be having and she takes the time to help you solve these concerns. The support of the group definitely helped us to continue breastfeeding despite the initial difficulties we encountered.  I cannot say enough positive things about Rebeca and the support group, and I would highly recommend attending to any mom who is breast feeding.
— Leigh and Olivia G., Hoboken
I worked with Rebeca Four for over a year. From beginning of breastfeeding to weaning, she gave me great advices every step of way! Each session, either at home or through phone, she will spend at least 40 minutes to one hour to explain things, walk you through instructions, listen to your concerns and answers any questions you may have. She will tailor plans towards to your specific needs. She responded to my text messages in a timely manner, helped me when I needed her advice the most. I
highly recommend her service. She is the best lactation consultant you can have.
— Lena W., Newport
Today we officially wrapped up our last lactation consulting session with Rebeca Four who came to help us during the most difficult first weeks of our baby boy’s life. For Andrea, breastfeeding was the most stressful experience when we came home. She (Rebeca) spent hours with us and took the time to not only educate us but also improve all our methods which helped the process. After her program, Julian has been gaining weight at an amazing pace and as a parent, there is no better feeling than this!! This was by far one of our best post pregnancy investments we’ve made and we will forever recommend her!! Thank you so much Rebeca!!
— Richard and Andrea F., Bayonne