Getting Ready

Please ensure that all forms are completed prior to our consult and emailed back to me in Pages or Word ONLY!

To get the most out of the consultation, I recommend the following:

  • During the hour prior to my arrival you or your partner do as much skin-to-skin time as possible. You can play a blanket over the baby for optimal comfort.  

  • Home environment should be as calm as is possible including no TV or other loud noises on, no ringer on the cell phones or on vibrate.

  • Play some soothing music to help baby and you relax.

  • It is best to not have visitors other than very close relatives. 

  • Baby should be fed (only following his/her cues) about a full hour before my arrival and given any small comfort feeds, if necessary prior to my arrival. Please give a snack not full meal if baby is hungry within an hour or less before my arrival. I must observe a feed while visiting and if baby is completely fed and full I will not be able to assess feeding.  

  • Once I arrive, we will need all the background noises off, including TV, music, phones, etc. 

  • If you have a night-nurse, I need to make sure that all communication occurs directly between you and me and not with the night nurse.

  • Our visit can take approximately 1.5-2 hours depending on my findings and or your questions so please be sure to eat a nutritious meal before our appointment and hydrate properly.    You should also have a large bottle of water set out for yourself and snacks in case you get hungry again during the consultation.  


  • Self-Pay or out of network clients, if you book and prepay your follow up at the end of the initial consult you will receive a 20% discount. If you schedule a follow up visit at any other time within 2 months of your initial consult you will receive a 15% discount.

  • If you live in a doorman building, please alert the front desk about my scheduled arrival to make sure we do not use up any of your consult time waiting to for your building staff to reach you

What to Get Ready

  • Prepare for the visit by making the place in the home where you most breastfeed ready with all your supplies.

  • Make sure you have the pump you are using ready with all appropriate attachments washed, air dried and full assembled including attaching the bottles. 

  • Please have your nipple ointment ready to use when we do the pumping demo. 

  • If you have more than one size flange have them all available in the same spot as the pump. 

  • Please have baby dressed in only a clean diaper (wrapped in a blanket for comfort). 

  • Have any breastfeeding aides, such as nipple shields, breast shields, hydrogel pads, or others, that you are using ready. 

  • If you are supplementing baby have a bottle ready with milk.  

  • Write down all the questions you have and your partner’s too.  It can be difficult to get all the work and education done in one single visit so I want you to get the most out of our time together.

  • Parking: It is essential that I have access to parking for at least 2.5 hours for one baby and 3.5 hours for 2 babies.  If there is no easy access to street parking where you live you must provide parking free of charge to me.   This is especially important in the Newport area of Jersey City, in any other areas of Jersey City where street parking is difficult, in Hoboken and in NYC.

What to Expect from Me + Payment

  • Your appointment time includes a 15 minute grace period to allow for traffic and parking difficulties. I schedule 45 minutes in between consults to ensure traffic does not keep me from reaching you on time, however, I can not control unforeseen emergencies like accidents, re-routing, and other such. I will text you to let you now of any difficulties outside of my control.

  • I will take my shoes off when entering. 

  • I love animals and am happy to meet any of your fur babies.  If you think there is any chance that they will interfere with the consultation please make a special place for them to be during our time together.

  • I will wash my hands thoroughly with soap and water. I will not use a hand sanitizer.  The most effective way to keep your baby safe from germs is hand washing.  

  • I will wear gloves any time I am touching your baby and I will change the glove on my right hand right before doing the oral exam on your baby.

  • I do not smoke and so you do not have to worry about any smoke on my clothes.

  • I will not wear any perfumes or scented body products. 

  • I will provide you with a written care plan that I will email you at the end of the consult while still in your home.

Payment: Initial consult fee is $344. Follow up consults fee if booked and prepaid at the end of the initial consult have a 25% discount or $258.  Follow up consults scheduled within 3 months after the initial consult are 15% off or $293.

TRAVEL FEES APPLY FOR OUT OF NETWORK CLIENTS IN BAYONNE, OUTSIDE OF HUDSON COUNTY and IN NYC. AETNA CLIENTS outside of Union City have a travel fee. You will receive the amount of your travel fee in the confirmation email with the intake forms. ALL FEES ARE NON-REFUNDABLE.

If you are self-pay, out of network, I will provide you with a super bill for you to submit to your insurance company for processing.  

For Aetna members: I will submit billing directly to Aetna. If Aetna applies any portion of the fees towards a deductible or otherwise charges a coinsurance payment, you will be invoiced and agree to pay for all outstanding charges that are not covered. If your baby is not on your Aetna plan you must inform me at the time of the booking of your appointment and you agree to pay the following fees for your baby: $75 for the initial consult and $45 for each subsequent follow up. Fees for your baby, when not on your Aetna insurance, must be paid at the end of each consult.

For all clients, by scheduling your consult, you grant me permission to communicate with your insurance company regarding the services provided to you and your baby(s). 

CANCELLATION POLICY:  Appointments cancelled with less than 24 hours notice are subject to a $150 fee that is not covered by insurance. If you are rescheduling an appointment with less than 24 hour notice you must prepay the consultation fee during rescheduling. For emergency rescheduling, please text me at 201-657-1727.